Members of the Hypoxia Research Team at LUMCON

 Logan Pietrarioa Logan Pietrarioa
Research Assistant

 Shivakumar Shivarudrappa Shivakumar Shivarudrappa
Post Doctoral Research Associate

 Leslie  Smith Leslie  Smith
Data Manager

 Jason  Weick Jason  Weick
CWC Data Manager

Dr.   Nancy Rabalais Dr.  Nancy Rabalais
Senior Research Professor, Professor, Shell Oil Endowed Chair in Oceanography/Wetland Studies LSU

Interests: Coastal Change, Eutrophication and Hypoxia ( , Cumulative Coastal Stressors, Historical Reconstruction of Ecosystem Changes from Sediments, Pelagic and Benthic Processes in Continental Shelf Hypoxic Areas, Coastal Ecosystem Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (

 Wendy Morrison Wendy Morrison
CWC Deputy Director, Senior Research Associate

Interests: Phytoplankton taxonomy, with emphasis on Gulf of Mexico taxa, Phytoplankton culturing techniques, Utilizing digital technology and software to create and maintain databases of phytoplankton images for use as a tool in taxonomy

 Lora Pride Lora Pride
Dive Safety Officer (part-time)

 Amanda Fontenot Amanda Fontenot
Environmental Monitoring Technician

 Elizabeth  Robinson Elizabeth  Robinson
Ph.D. student


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