CWC Deputy Director, Senior Research Associate

Mailing Address:
Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
Defelice Center
8124 Highway 56
Chauvin, Louisiana 70344

Phone: 985-851-2870


  • B.S., 1987, Biology
    University of Louisiana Monroe , Monroe, Louisiana

Research Interest

  • Phytoplankton taxonomy, with emphasis on Gulf of Mexico taxa
  • Phytoplankton culturing techniques
  • Utilizing digital technology and software to create and maintain databases of phytoplankton images for use as a tool in taxonomy

Current Projects

  • Phytoplankton enumeration of water samples taken from stations across the Louisiana Continental Shelf
  • The establishment of phytoplankton monocultures isolated from Louisiana freshwater lakes for use as experimental stock cultures
  • Upgrading in-house phytoplankton photographic image database to make it searchable and accessible to multiple users
  • Assist with laboratory experiments associated with the Multistressors Project (Dr. Nancy Rabalais)


  • Assist with the laboratory portion of Changing Coastal Oceans
  • Assist with the field lab portion of Phycology


  • Power, JH, Morrison, WL, Zeringue, J. 1991. Determining the mass, volume, density, and weight in water of small zooplankters. Marine Biology 110(2): 267-271.


  • Scientific: Environmental Database Management, phytoplankton species determination, Phytoplankton Taxonomy, Wetland Studies Field and Lab Techniques
  • Software Applications: Golden Surfer, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, SAS
  • Technical: Fluorescent Microscopy, Live Phytoplankton Cultures, Microscopic Digital Photography
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