Shelfwide Cruise 2012

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Annual Shelfwide Cruise: July 22- 28, 2012




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Cruise Research Activities

  • Nancy Rabalais, LUMCON, Lora Pride, Wendy Morrison, Chelsea Sexton (REU) and Leslie Smith- general hydrography, chlorophyll , nutrients, suspended sediments, mapping of hypoxia, generation of maps and products for near real-time web site, preparation of comparison data for long-term, 2011 flood and 2012 drought,
  • Tiffany Warner and Anya Hopple (Brian Roberts in absentia, LUMCON)- water column respiration at selected stations and depths on each transects, with a repetition of transects C and F higher frequency sampling; also, POC/DOC and associated parameters
  • Gene Turner, LSU- sulfide determinations, microbial bioassays, nutrients, TN, TP, TC
  • Jim Lee, LSU- profiles of photosynthetically active radiation, percent transmission and water temperature
  • Philip Riekenberg, LSU (Brian Fry in absentia)- water column respiration and production via oxygen isotopes, mixing dynamics, C and N isotopes, particulate carbon and nitrogen
  • Patrick Jones (graduate student with Kanchan Maiti, LSU)- metal speciation in low oxygen waters, in particular Po-210 and the associated Pb-206
  • Xinping Hu (postdoctoral research associate with Wen-Jun Cai, University of Georgia)- pC02 and pH

Principal Investigators

  • Nancy Rabalais, PI/PD, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
  • Brian Roberts, Co-PI, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
  • Gene Turner, Co-PI, Louisiana State University