Shelfwide Cruise 2014

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Annual Shelfwide Cruise: 26 July - 3 August, 2014




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Cruise Research Activities

  • Nancy Rabalais, LUMCON, Wendy Morrison, Amanda Fontenot, Emma Brogdan, and Leslie Smith - general hydrography, chlorophyll , nutrients, suspended sediments, mapping of hypoxia, generation of logs, maps and products for near real-time web site, preparation of data for long-term comparisons,
  • Matthew Rich and Mary Kate Rogener (Brian Roberts, LUMCON, in absentia; Mandy Joye, UGA, in absentia) - nitrogen cycling, mainly denitrification, but also anammox and dissimiliatory nitrate reduction; quantify concentrations of N2O and CH4 in the water column; water column respiration, N2Ar ratios
  • Gene Turner, LSU - sulfide determinations, microbial bioassays, nutrients, TN, TP, TC, sediment paleoindicators
  • Jim Lee, LSU - profiles of photosynthetically active radiation, percent transmission and water temperature
  • Cameron Thrash, LSU, and Lauren Gillies, FSU (Olivia Mason, FSU, in absentia) - proteomic analysis of microbial communities in water and sediments in the hypoxic zone of the Gulf of Mexico
  • Hongjie Wang, TAMUCC (Xinping Hu, in absentia) - pCO2 and C isotopes in decomposing
  • Hui Li, Univ Delaware (Deb P Jaisi, in absentia) phosphorus dynamics in hypoxic/normoxic conditions
  • Kate Pinkerton, U.S. EPA: OWOW- Assessment and Watershed Protection Division, observer for EPA Gulf of Mexico Program

Principal Investigators

  • Nancy Rabalais, PI/PD, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
  • Brian Roberts, Co-PI, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
  • Gene Turner, PI/PD, Louisiana State University
  • Dubravko Justic, Co-PI, Louisiana State University
  • Chunyan Li, Co-PI, Louisiana State University